Mount Elbrus: to the highest peak of Europe with skis

Russian Federation - Asia

Elbrus - Mount Elbrus, with 5642 m highest mountain of Caucasus and the highest mountain of Russia and Europe.
03.05 - 14.05.2023
The Elbrus (5642 m) is the highest mountain in Russia and at the same time the whole of Europe, making it one of the highest mountains on all continents, the so-called "Seven Summits". In addition to Mount Elbrus there are countless other beautiful ski tour summits in the Caucasus, whose ascent offers an optimal and rewarding preparation for this high mountain. Our return trip via Moscow also offers the opportunity to visit the capital of the Russian Federation.
As with all high mountains, good acclimatization is also a prerequisite for a successful summit ascent at Elbrus. We attach great importance to an excellent height adjustment. In the beautiful Adyr Su Valley we climb some worthwhile ski tour summits and destinations such as Latsga Peak, Garvash Pass, Gumachi Peak, Maly Kichkidar and others. From the famous Botschki, the Garabashi Tons, we then climb over the Pastuchov rocks and the Elbrussattel in a long day's stage on the highest mountain in Europe.

Your advantages at a glance:

- Arrival by scheduled flight via Moscow to Mineralnye Vody
- enough time for acclimatization with great ski tours in the Adyr Su valley
- The best possible accommodation in all areas for a good rest between the tours
- Accompanied by a local team and local mountain guides
- adapted group size for the best possible care and safety
- We are cooked in the huts by a proven and highly reliable local team
- state-of-the-art safety equipment such as Satellite phone for emergencies is a matter of course
- proven expedition pharmacy with the necessary medicines for any height-related emergencies
- Guided tour by patented professional mountain guide IVBV with federal certificate
- Comprehensive area knowledge of the organizer
- City tour of Moscow with the most famous sights


Thomas Villars
Certified Mountain Guide IFMGA and Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of higher vocational Education und Training


CHF 3990.-   (per person / 6 - 10 Participants)

Included are scheduled flights from Zurich via Moscow to Mineralnye Vody incl. All taxes, all transfers, 11 nights based on double or shared rooms, 10 days full board, visa and visa costs, tour guided by patented Swiss professional mountain guide IVBV.
Not included are the cancellation insurance, any entry outside the city sightseeing of Moscow, individual excursions on the spot, individual consumption on the way and during the return flight and all alcoholic beverages as well as the cost of the Pistenbully on the summit day. Additional costs due to unforeseen events such as changes to the timetable, additional overnight stays, etc., as well as any increase in air fares for registrations after 31.10.2021 will be borne by the participants.


Requirement condition
Echelle courses à ski
PD -  

- very good condition for climbs between 4 to 6 hours, on the summit day to 9 hours
- very good alpine skier, mastering the parallel swing even in difficult snow conditions
- safe crampon walking on bare ice with slopes up to 35 °
- Desire to discover an unknown country and foreign customs and traditions
- Due to the considerable height are the main difficulties in the conditional requirement and weather-related with an often bitter cold high winds


Trip via Moscow to Mineralnye Vody in the Caucasus Republic Kabardino-Balkaria, acclimatization tours in the Adyr Su valley, ascent of Elbrus, sightseeing in Moscow


1st and 2nd day: Flight from Zurich via Moscow to Mineralnye Vody. Overnight in Pratygorsk. With a 4-hour bus ride we reach the Adyr Su Valley and the famous lift at the entrance to the valley. Reload the luggage and travel by 4x4 truck from the stocks of the Russian army to our accommodation at Ullu Tau at around 2400 m in the back section of the valley.

Day 3: First acclimatization tour to Gumachi Pass, 3600 m, and in good conditions to Gumachi Peak, 3850 m. Departure on the same route back to the accommodation, where the freshly prepared, great food of our cook awaits us.

Day 4: Another exciting discovery tour takes us to the Djailyk Pass at 4060 m or the Maly Kichkidar, 3820 m. In the afternoon we have enough time for the well-deserved rest.

Day 5: the last preparatory tour takes us to the Koiavgan pass at 3500 m or to the Granovskovo pass, 3900 m. With a final delicious dinner, we conclude the preparation in the Adyr Su Valley.

Day 6: Departure back to the Baskan valley and on to Terskol, the ski resort at the very back of the valley and starting point for the ascent of Elbrus. All unnecessary material is stored in the hotel, then it goes up to the station Mir, 3470 m, and by chairlift or groomer - if the lift is not in operation - on to the Garabashi tons at 3750 m. In the afternoon we have time for a short excursion to the Prijut 11 or Diesel Hut, which is not serviced in winter.

7th day: Today the last acclimatization tour takes you up to the Pastukhov rocks, depending on the conditions between 4500 m to maximum 4800 m. Depart back to the containers and prepare for the summit.

8th and 9th day: Two days are available for the ascent of Elbrus. From the Garabashi tons up to the summit, it takes 1900 meters to cope! Of course, there is also the possibility of putting back the first part of the ascent to the Pastukhov rocks with the snow groomer. On the already known route to (or off) the striking Pastukhov rock and then diagonally to the left up the climb leads to the saddle Sedlowina, 5325 m, between the two peaks Elbrus. The last 300 meters to the 5642 m high main summit of Elbrus have it again in itself. In unfavorable conditions, the last piece on the roof of Europe is overcome on foot with crampons. In optimal conditions, you can even ski down to the summit. Great view of the Caucasus with the four- and five-thousanders Uschba and Kasbek u.a. Endless descent to the saddle and past the hut to the Garabashi Tons.

10th day: Departure back to the station Mir and further into the valley to our hotel. In the afternoon we can visit the village of Cheget and the famous shashlik restaurants. Preparation for the return trip to Moscow.

Day 11: Return from Terskol to Mineralnye Vody and flight to Moscow, where we spend the night in a hotel in the city center.

Day 12: City tour of Moscow with the highlights of the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral and Christ the Savior Cathedral. In the late afternoon flight back to Switzerland, where we arrive in the course of the evening.


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